2 окт. 2008 г.

I am back! :D

Hello to everyone, who accidentally visit my blog :lol:
Ok, we'd been out for a long great trip to Siberia, and even though we came back in august, I needed a time to get my breath :)))
The first thing I desperately needed to play with was "Boy Oh Boy" mini-kit by Maria.

Isn't it wonderful? Have I ever mentioned I'm her biggest fan? :D

And this is the page I made. The first one sinse July o_O

The Paper, Stars, Frames and Stitches are from "Boy Oh Boy" mini-kit by Scrapmuss Designs.
Elegant Wordart by Bethany
Based on "Get Inspired" Template #2 by Tricia, a.k.a. "StarWarsFans"
Photos by me :D

I hope, I'll post smth else here really soon :lol:
Have a great day!