21 апр. 2009 г.

I have a new look!

If you are looking for a blog-train, just scroll down ;)

I'm so glad I could finally create my-hands-made look for this blog! Hurray! :)))
D'you like it? :)

I want to send a lot of thanks to Amanda, who wrote a great tutorial 'How to make a scrapbook blog background'. It was the only one I could found, that fit my wide screen! lol

And, of course, a huge hug to Maria aka Muss, Scrapmuss Designs.
I used her 'Happy to be' Kit to make this :)))

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M u s s комментирует...


www.kevinandamanda.com комментирует...

The background looks great! You did good! :)

Mana комментирует...

Muss, спасибо, друг! :)) ХАГГИЩЕ!

Amanda, thank you soooo much! :)))